Moose Riders


  • September 9:  Meeting followed by ride to Knights Ferry
  • September 23:  Ride to Elkhorn for Breakfast Meeting
  • October 7:  Meeting followed by ride to Poor Red’s
  • October 21:  Ride t Valencia Club in Penryn
  • November 4:  Meeting with Ride to Steamboat Landing
  • November 18:  Ride to Tracy for Breakfast KSU 8:30 am

September 9, 2018:  We rode to Knights Ferry after the meeting.  Small group, but a great time with good friends!!

August 25, 2018:  Car and Bike Show

Pictured are Lodi Moose Riders with local members from West Sacramento.  Moose Riders

The Lodi Moose Riders took a nice ride to the beautiful Ebbets Lodge pass.  It was a perfect day for a nice ride!

Far Right Photo:  Gary is a member from the Ebbitts Pass Lodge says says he may join the Lodi Lodge and Moose Riders. Welcome Gary!

Moose Riders Moose Riders Moose Riders

April 21, 2018:  Chili Cook-Off

On April 21st the Moose Riders held a car show chili cook-off and karaoke contest. The day was a big success and pictures are some of the winners and participants.

Moose Riders president Carl cotton and other moose Riders went to Foster’s in Rio Vista to have lunch after the Moose Rider meeting June 3rd.  

Lodi Moose Riders – 2nd Annual Spring Campout – May 18-20, 2018
Several of us went up on Thursday, May 17.. The rest came on Friday, with a couple that couldn’t get away till Saturday. Some came up during the day, and went home at night, these included Darrell Johnson, DeeAnne Jessup, Daryl Lewis, Dennis Semske.Everyone had a great time thanks to Danny Pullen, his sister and Brother in law. They created a great game for Friday night, that involved a lot of gifts, spread through out a big ball of skrink wrap. There was a lot involved in the game, and I laugh every time I think of all the laughter and emotion that took place! A few of us played horseshoes.  I guess you could call it horseshoes, but to most of us it was an effort in futility.  We all had a great night on Friday.Saturday started with several people making coffee, and Bill Greggory’s crew doing a fantastic job of cooking breakfast. Everyone got full and happy! We consumed a small amount of adult beverage and snacks were available to munch on. A few went in the lake to kayak, and a few came back a little wet.  We had more horseshoe games and several had their bikes and went for a ride in the foothills. All came back with smiles and had a great time. Then there was a sit around poker run. It involved sitting around with Gene and Danny taking cards around and everyone drew a cards to make five, and the winner was a new Member, Ron J. Hollis. There was so much talking and laughing that I didn’t hear who won the low hand.Later we had another game put together by Danny’s sister and Brother in law. It was another fun one. It involved what looked to be Christmas packages, and they had one for all of us.We sat around in a circle again, and Danny’s sister read a story. When she read to the left, we passed the packages left. When she read to the right, we passed them right. The story was full of rights and lefts. The packages made at least one full circle and there was probably twenty or more playing.  When all was said and done, whatever package we had was ours to open.  All the prizes were great as was everything in between. Drink chips from the moose to tee shirts to Harley Memorabilia, to packs of nuts .. all were good, and Danny and his family went overboard in supplying the gifts, to arranging the whole campout. It was an excellent outing that brought people closer together. And made everyone appreciate the camaraderie we shared. Till next time, Enjoy the ride!!