To help protect yourself and others, please follow the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and those by Public Health Officials.

Activities at the Lodi Moose Lodge are being limited to ensure compliance with all applicable mandates.

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The Loyal Order of Moose is a fraternal and service organization founded in 1888, with nearly 800,000 men in roughly 1,800 Lodges in all 50 states and Canadian provinces.  Along with other units of Moose International, the Loyal Order of Moose supports the operation of Mooseheart Child City & School, a 1,000 acre community for children and teens in need, located 38 miles west of Chicago, IL.; and Moosehaven, a 70 acre retirement community for its members near Jacksonville, FL.  Additionally, Moose Lodges conduct approximately $50 million worth of community service annually.

The Women of the Moose, founded in 1913, is a unit of Moose International, with more than 400,000 women in approximately 1,600 chapters.  Women of the Moose Chapters conduct more than $20 million worth of community service (counting monetary donations and volunteer hours worked) annually.

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